Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who Or What Is God?

A question that has been asked by mankind since the dawn of civilization and a question that we may never fully be able to comprehend in our lives. Does God exist as nature? Is God a physical being or a spirit? Does He or She have any expectations of us as individuals? While I don't think we can ever fully comprehend the essence of spirituality, I believe the journey itself is what brings us closer to the real meaning or being behind God.

My personal belief, and the one that is reflected and fuels my websites ambitions, places the answers to these questions on our own shoulders. By that, I mean to say that I believe *we* are God. Every religion throughout the world describes mankind as beings created in a God's image, in the likeness of the creator. So, if we are like God then logic would dictate that God is like us. Likewise, creation itself is said to be a representation of God's creative mind or a representation of God's imagination.

If we truly accept these concepts, then it would mean that "we" refers to not just humanity but animals and nature as well. This means that EVERYTHING is God and EVERYTHING is a projection/representation of God's mind and thoughts. In other words, every aspect of life as we know it and every individual being with his/her unique personality is a direct representation of a distinct part of God's mind. So, if we are a *part* of a creator's mind that in essence makes us one with the creator, meaning we ARE the creator.

I also like to refer to existence as the creator expressing himself or herself indefinitely, in an infinite array of possibilities, all of which in their roots do so to further the creator's ability to express universal and unconditional love. What I mean, through "life" the creator in constantly seeking to experience love in EVERY conceivable way possible. An interesting twist to this is the fact that every religion i know of speaks of God as actually *being* love.

So, again, if this is true, then God is constantly seeking to experience himself/herself. This can be somewhat confusing but if you follow me, it explains the nature of spirituality all together. If we are God, and if God is on an constant mission to experience himself/herself and on a constant mission to experience love, then what is spirituality? The search for understanding, the constant seeking out of God, the search for answers, the desire to experience more. See how it's connected?

Put simply, our desire as a race to be spiritual people is a direct projection and representation of God's desire to experience himself/herself and the infinite possibilities of the creator's love. God wants to know how far he/she can stretch the possibilities of love through himself/herself. For instance, God wants to know how to find that creator's love through struggle and strife. How do you find the road to that, through every challenge "life" has to offer?

This puts a real new twist on concepts such as good and evil doesn't it? Let me explain, how would say, the thief find their way back to a spiritual peace and creator's love? How would the suffering do the same? It blurs the line just a little doesn't it? Try this one, what would be the easier path to a creator's love, condemning the dictator to eternal suffering, or forgiving the trespasses of this life and using the next to try and find the right way?

Think about every single person on the face of the planet. Try to wrap your brain around the idea that every single individual one of us is a representation of God trying to experience himself/herself's universal love through billions of unique and individual ways. It gives one a great deal to contemplate.

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