Thursday, January 29, 2009



Greetings, my name is Minister Robert Alen Butler and I would like to welcome you to my blog. Here, we're going to explore some of the mysteries and misconceptions surrounding religion and faith. At the root of all doctrines, behind every theology and at the core of every faith, there is one universal truth that remains a fact for the vast majority of humanity. Beyond the bibles, well outside the churches and seminaries, a great many of us have a desire to simply be spiritual beings.

The problem is, that most of us either get lost in the rules or find our heads spinning too quickly due to the vast amount of scriptures and commandments to learn. Honestly, do we really need a hundred different ways to pray and for all you Catholics out there, why do we have to get up and down a million times at every service? What's with all of the laws of Christianity and who on earth gave human beings the right to dictate who is holy and who isn't, in the name of God?

Religion has been responsible for some of the most horrible events in humankind's history and continues to be the cause of a great deal of suffering around the world today. Tyrants and warlords who think they all have it right, religious leaders who claim to know what God wants from us. The truth is, that for as much as faiths like Christianity want to deny their affiliation with politics, they are in fact a political system all their own.

How many people who want to genuinely be a person of good faith end up a prisoner of that faith? I have seen so many people suffer at the hands of religion for no other reason than they tried to be a part of their religion. People are suffering and hurting all over the world, struggling with personal issues that they want help with, not lectured for or criticized about. I know people who have killed themselves in the end because they could not live up to religion's expectations of that really what we wish to be our legacy as a race of people?

I have seen poor people in financial destitution fork over their last penny to the church because of a biblical promise God made to the faithful who give, expecting three fold in return, only to find their homes foreclosed on and their lives ruined. Is this really the way to enlightenment? Most of us who live in the 21st century would say of course not if it weren't for the subtle and charming way religion can suck us in without us even realizing it.

What people fail to realize is that religious organizations know they're doing it too. I've played the game, I know how it works. In fact, you give me the right kind of person and I could make them believe I am the holy emissary of the most high order of radishes and get at least someone to follow me, and in doing so, eventually get masses to do the same. If you can make one person believe in your story, your message, that's all it takes to start a movement.

I'm probably doing just that right now actually. I'm sure at least one person reading this introduction is nodding their head agreeing with me completely. What do you think I could turn that agreement with my views into if i really tried? Makes you wonder doesn't it? Well, no fears, I'm not out to start the next vegie tales cult movement. What I am looking for though, is a little bit of self awareness on the part of people out there.

There is a better way to spiritual happiness and it's as simple as looking in the mirror. True spirituality is as unique and individual a thing as you yourself. It isn't about Gods or Goddesses, it's about you finding your own path to spiritual well being. Some people get there with the praying and the bibles and the sermons and the singing but it isn't for everyone and it certainly isn't the only way to reach that level of awareness.

These are the things I am going to explore in my blog and make no mistake, I'll be criticizing Christianity a lot, Catholicism, Islam, and I'm as blunt about my views on them as a person can be. I mean seriously, what does a religious organization who puts someone in charge who has to have his communion wafer chewed for him so he can gum it, expect from it's priests? Let's get with the times people, let the poor bastards marry!