Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Services and Operation Update

Well, I know it's been another large gap between posts for this blog,but as i've said many times I do maintain a full time job and my time does get occupied pretty quickly with that and other aspects of my online work. So, I hope anyone who reads my stuff will bare with me! A point in time will come where I post on a regular basis again, I promise!

Anyway, this post doesn't have any helpful spiritual tidbits in it I'm afraid, except to say that it would be my most profound wish that others seriously interested in helping others will follow my lead and example. I've been giving a great deal of thought for a long time now to the way my website and services work. To put it mildly, I'm not thrilled.

Both the keen and bitwine services are semi ok for what they are. At first, I thought both would be great ideas because each make seeking out my counsel quick, easy, and for the rates I've listed on both, affordable I think. What I don't like, are the types of people each service can attract, in other words, time wasters. I get more requests for psychic readings than anything else...folks, I am NOT Ms Cleo! Callin me for your free readin probably won't get you anywhere.

I also get fakers who just use the three free minutes to do nothing but cause trouble or spout out stupid stuff for the sake of giving themselves amusement. These things have been a confirmation sign of a deeper truth that I've known for quite some time. I've had a very hard time justifying charging people money to get my spiritual insight for ages.

Even when I was a pastor, accepting money from a small church that I knew was struggling financially, tinged my conscience with more than a touch of guilt, especially when the money was never what I did it for. Donations never bothered me, if people feel like giving then it would be rude of me to deny them the pleasure some people receive from gifting.

I say that because it's true even for me. If I feel motivated, moved , or touched by someone spiritually, I always give financially if I can. However, many people who pursue the things I do with a sincere heart, can attest that money means little to them when it is compared to the feeling you get when you know you have made someone feel better.

Spiritual pursuits are not where I want to make my fortune. I have a good job, I have a writing hobby, and I still dream of breaking into the music industry someday. If I should decide to write a book on the subject, then yeah I won't hesitate to try and get it published and sold. If someone wants to pay me to do lectures or workshops i wouldn't turn down the money.

To take that down to the level of everyday people though? No, I can't justify it any longer. So, over the next few months, my website services section will be disappearing and reappearing as a free services section. I'm going to leave the merchandise section up for now, I may end up writing something someday I wish to put up there, it isn't doing any harm sitting there anyway.

As a positive irony to this action, there are an infinite amount of ways to reach me freely than there are through paid services, all of which give me greater control when it comes to dealing with fakers and harassment. I've already got a few ideas that I'm working on in my mind, it just may take a bit for them to come together.

I have helped more people in my life freely than I ever have through charging for my counseling and advising. That has been and shall always continue to be, my main objective. So, to that end, the paid services shall stop immediately. Be well and blessed, I shall be in touch soon.

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