Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The End Of The World!?!?!

I've been having a lot of conversations with people for the last couple of months involving the end of the world. I really isn't any wonder either, what with all of the natural disasters we've been seeing in this year a lone and the scale of those disasters. Now, I've heard many takes on this and while I respect everyone's right to an opinion, I don't agree with the most popular once. That being the argument that there hasn't been an increase in naturally occurring phenomenon, it's simply the fact that with our current technology we can stay more aware of natural events than we could before.

I have my own naysayers where subjects like this are concerned. I mean, after all, I am one of the biggest skeptics of man made global warming that there is and have been for years privately....oh wait, as it turns out, I was right about that! Huh, who would have guessed. With 70% more arctic ice floating around in the ocean than there was fifty years ago, I can definitely see man's impact on the environment! Yeah I know Al, who cares if e-mails leaked out corroborating the fact that we aren't fatally wounding our planet, the message still sounds good right?

Let's also not forget that I am as outspoken against fundamental religion as they come! Believing that a personally designed approach to spiritual growth keeps a person on a constantly forward moving path and out of moral trouble *is* a bit out there! Huh? What are the catholics caught up in now? Wow so...as it turns out, I'm right about that too!? You say the middle east is still fighting over that silly land dispute which was started by religious claims? Don't tell me extremist muslims are still trying to kill the infidels....oh and those poor right wing conservative christians are still trying to find the cure for that dreaded "H" word?

Yes, it's true, I question everything! As fundamentally awe inspiring as I am though, I also have to criticize mainstream science and media as well. If you believe everything CNN tells you then you're probably a lost cause...same goes for Fox news, heck your local newspaper may even be selling scripted words to explain the passive nature of worldly events in order to maintain the peace of the masses. I know that sounds like a statement you may find on some kind of conspiracy theorists blog, but in so many ways it's true. I don't think the powers that be *want* us to question anything about our world.

The fact of the matter is though, small world or not, this little globe of ours is heating up in the action department and I know a lot of you out there sense this, in spite of what the news is calling normal geological events. Look at the first ten years of the 21st century now and tell me we have not endured more radical earth changes than we've seen before and I call them changes bracingly, in want of a better word. The one thing I can definitely say for sure though, is that this is not leading up to the wrathful destruction of our world by God himself, although those poor people in the midwest may certainly have thought so when sonic booms and fireballs filled the night sky last week.

So, what (if anything) *is* going on? I mean, between the earthquakes and volcanos, tsunami and meteor showers, a poor economy and wars across the globe, it does seem like we're building up to some huge climactic and very abrupt (not to mention violent) end....doesn't it? Well, that depends on who you are and what you choose to believe. The opinions on our direction as a populous are as varied as my favorite mixed box of Godiva chocolates. For my part, yes, I do believe we're seeing things that are building toward changes in our not so distant future, profound changes.

As a person of deep spiritual conviction, I have made it my business to seek out my own answers to life's big questions, through nothing more than my meditation and good old fashioned research. I haven't spent years studying varying approaches to theology and I am by no means a physicist or expert of geology and global planetary history. I am an expert in my own inclination and intuition though. This, perhaps more than anything else, is what drives me to my belief that at some point in our near future, we're going to experience vast changes in the world and our society.

This goes back to everything I have been telling people for the past couple of years about being brave enough to trust your gut and give yourself permission to feel at ease in your own personal divinity. Abandoning doubt and allowing yourself to believe that perhaps you *are* good enough to come up with sound answers to "mystery of life" questions is probably the most profound thing you can ever do for yourself. This freedom gives way to open mindedness, the ability to discern small truths from the vast offerings of news and "facts" based entirely on your own soul's ability to spot accuracy and distinguish it from misdirection.

So, what do I intuit for the future? I have absolutely no firm idea on details beyond the fact that I believe it is going to turn out for the better. At least no ideas that I am willing to come forward with outside of my inner circle of closest friends, who can see past my....insanity! Suffice it to say though, I don't believe the worst is behind us. I think we're going to have to endure a few more seemingly devastating events in our world's history before we come out on top. A lot of people scoff at me for this, because of the nature of our societies. How can we come out on top with so much conflict and division in the world? Well, that question is it's own answer isn't it, we can't.

All of the gunk that is clogging up the world has to work itself out before things can move more swiftly and smoothly. I believe that future struggles in the world are going to help to facilitate a change in mood to the point where we start acting like one human race instead of many different races. We can't move forward in a constant state of conflict and so each of these must work themselves out and it goes without saying that it could be a little messy and feel like the end of civilization as we know it. Something must pull us together as a race in order to trigger that change into unification. Again, I don't know what that trigger will be, but I believe strongly that it is coming, and quickly, relatively speaking.

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