Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dividing Line In The Spiritual Sands


Something has dawned on me today that I can't help but write about. Are these not interesting times we live in? Moreover, I believe these are incredible times! Yes, that's right, with a world economy in shambles, natural disasters on the uprise, general states of human suffering still lingering on and on and the constant threat of worldwide violence ever present, I still find a place for hope regarding the future. I'll grant you, I'm just as concerned about current events as anyone else out there and I have my own stresses in life to deal with because of how the world is right now. I have found that it is important to not lose sight of the big picture though, to see where all of this could in fact be going.

I don't know if any of you have felt it as I have but change is in the air, a very unique and very different kind of change. Some are calling it a "Shift" of consciousness and I believe that this is dead on accurate. The even more interesting thing is that the lines of change are being drawn and there is still some division on either side of this line. This is why I still do what I do, I care for people and I don't want to draw people to my side of the line, I want to erase the line all together.

Have you ever heard the expression that things get at their worst just before they improve to their best? Look around at the mesh of different things going on in the world. I don't have to explain all of the troubling parts but has anyone stopped to see the good that's mixing in with it? There is a shift going on in the world where things like religion are concerned. The world at large is taking a good hard look at what religion has led it too and the overwhelming majority are waking up and realizing that they have had enough.

People in countries that once held great economic superiority and influence are beginning to find that the powers of corruption and greed are finally tearing down the walls that for so long have made them feel so secure. Citizens within these countries are also waking up to the fact more than ever, that they truly have been misled by their governments and businesses. The vast majority of these people are also waking up to the realization that enough is enough.

Countless millions are realizing that war and death are direct products of religion and greed and the more we as a civilization of people unite under these realizations, the more the powers that be lose their hold and control over circumstances at large. You see regimes tightening their grips, governments throwing every effort at restoring order so people don't ask too many questions as the truths that have been masked by decades of complacency, finally fall from under the veil.

As these things continue to unfold, we are beginning to see where these lines of division are drawn among the general population. I see it directly in my everyday life! People who were once planning for bright futures, thinking of the long term, no longer bother to even plan so much as a month ahead because people really believe that their entire world may very well fall apart from month to month, that's crazy! Yet, I myself have had to fight really hard to keep from getting caught up in the drama. Even those whose wills are strong and their hope secure can get strung along into the stampede.

This is where the importance of things like sharing and witnessing become so very important. The end result is going to be good but how good will it be? My belief is that some will reach a breakthrough not just of spirit but of existence entirely and others, just will not have the energy and ability to take that leap. It will not be a separation of good and bad but I do believe at some point humanity will indeed split. One group will advance to a new grade level and another group will repeat a grade level that's the closest analogy I can make.

You have a choice if you are one of the people who finds themselves trapped in a stampede of uncertainty and stress. Simply take a breathe, and step out of the mess around you, put yourself above it and around it so that you can begin to help influencing rather than being drug along by it. I see people like this at my job on a daily basis and I have been starting to actively try and shift these attitudes more towards love and positive thinking because this is the only type of "ministry" the world needs.

This is the choice of some, but the call to all, that we come together under these banners of positive thinking and try to reduce the negative impact the current world changes have on the population at large. These things *must* happen in order for the good and better days to begin, we can't stop the continuing struggle of the powers that believe they control our world, to hold on to that illusion and it's going to be a bit rough from time to time as they fight to hold on. The more we as a people bring our desires for a different way together, the more our consciousness as a race will shift and begin to point mankind into that direction.

We have the power within each and everyone one of ourselves to actively induce the changing of the world. It begins with self awareness, and truly understanding self and from there taking that understanding and passing it on to others, willing the conscious energy you share with those around you to retune itself into a harmony of positive thinking and universal love understanding. Remember that analogy I made earlier? Well, we are going through periods where love *seems* to be lacking but the universe is love, the real and agape kind, we cannot escape that. Existence will naturally flow towards that which is love light and light love, it's inevitable.

The path to that may not always seem smooth however and indeed may not be a path all of our beings can transverse but why on earth is that a bad thing? We're all developing differently and eventually, we'll be in the same spot. This is the storm, these are the days of great trial that will bring about mankind's awakening to a new and better way of existing. The excitement really is mounting!

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  1. Follow Up: Folks I just really gotta tell you how awesome it felt to write that blog post. I haven't written on a whim like that in YEARS!